prof. Jonathan S. Feinstein, PhD. – Yale School of Management

 Lecture date: June 26-27, 2017



Tentative lecture topic

Value-Creation by Facilitation of Individual/Team Creativity


Curriculum Vitae:

Professor Jonathan S. Feinstein is John G. Searle Professor of Economics and Management, focusing on creativity and innovation. Specifically, he focuses on development of creative individuals, including entre/intrapreneurs, inventors, and researchers. He is the author of The Nature of Creative Development (Stanford University Press, 2006). His class The Practice and Management of Creativity & Innovation was featured in the BusinessWeek Online article, “Creativity Comes to B-Schools” in the spring of 2006 and in Fast Company in 2014; he has been extensively cited and quoted in the media for his approach to creativity. He is also interested in creativity in education and the management of creativity.

Professor Feinstein’s current work focuses on formal models of creativity, centering on creative interests, learning, serendipity, and paths of development. What do we choose to learn and explore as we develop our creative interests and passions? What opportunities arise, which projects do we pursue? His approach emphasizes the rich diverse patterns of development, unfolding over a few years or a lifetime. His work has roots in the classic principles of liberty and freedom of individual development, depicting the uniqueness of individuals in their creative development and potential. It also links economics with knowledge representation. His papers that have influenced the field encompass “Optimal Learning Patterns for Creativity Generation in a Field”, “Unleashing Creative Development” and “The Creative Development of Fields: Learning, Creativity, Paths, Implications.”

He is the authority on economics of creativity both as an academic and as a consultant to global leading companies.


Lecture will focus on understanding creative processes of individuals and teams to identify strategic options that can stimulate creative output in organizations. Leading individuals and teams in creative endeavors requires specific leadership skills and procedures/processes. Prof. Feinstein will focus on creative development of individuals engaged in creative endeavors, across a wide range of fields to facilitate and describe (i) the nature of creative interests and conceptions of creative interests, (ii) the development of creative interests, and (iii) the ways in which our interests and conceptions guide us and spark ideas and projects, leading to our creative contributions. Therefore, the lecture will challenge one’s ability to stimulate his/her own creativity, as well as to stimulate the creativity of others.