About APB


Advanced Program in Business is one of the world’s leading executive programs for top management and entrepreneurs who seek innovation and business growth. It is unique worldwide as it includes only senior professors who are at the peak of their careers – from a set of world’s leading business schools.

Professors that lecture at APB have some of the most cited papers in the world and are editors of top journals. Thus, APB professors are influencing the past and the future of their respective disciplines. World-class faculty in this program will provide CEE managers not only with an overview of current state of knowledge in each discipline, but also with insights into key trends that are the most likely to shape future competitive landscapes. Thus, participants have the chance to interact with world-renowned professors and thought leaders: the authors of ideas that have redefined modern management practices. Besides their academic qualities, APB professors are strategy consultants to some of the world’s largest corporations.

APB is organized to provide a world-class executive education to region’s leading managers without the need to leave their companies in order to attend such programs at top schools abroad.

Advanced Program in Business has been designed in accordance with executive programs in top international business schools and covers a range of business topics in four key areas for top managers: INNOVATION, CORPORATE STRATEGY, MARKETING & SALES, HR MANAGEMENT and FINANCE.  Thus, APB allows top managers to break their everyday routines and explore numerous opportunities outside their companies. With diverse perspectives from different areas, managers comprehend a wider context that enables them to seek for new opportunities that can create long-term value for the company.

In these four areas world’s top professors will provide strategic perspective on the key issues. Thus, all lectures are intended for leaders working at the strategic level, rather than individuals executing defined strategies – since today’s complex environment calls for multifaceted leaders with a holistic business perspective.

Lectures are not designed to be ex-cathedra, but rather include lively discussions, presentations, case studies and individual and team work on solving contemporary business problems and addressing the key issues. Each professor uses the same teaching methodology he or she uses at their home institution (e.g. Harvard Business School or Stanford). This way, the participants are also being exposed to a variety of teaching styles and methods characteristic for the specific top business school.


The key benefits of APB include:

1. World-class faculty-insights from people who decide on the future of disciplines.

2. Enabling strategic decision-makers’ professional development while being able to contribute to the company at the same time.

3. Exposure to diverse challenges in regional economies, from a range of industries – thus having greater application potential than other similar programs.

4. A great benefit of APB is strong horizontal networking which aids development of innovative business ideas that can shape the future of the companies involved.


APB lectures: