About Innovation Institute

Innovation Institute is a non-profit organization with a goal to develop regional innovation potentials by nurturing creativity, innovation, unorthodox thinking and dogma questioning. We aim at connecting academia and practice to develop approaches that aim at value creation and not mere value dissemination. So far Innovation Institute has organized several highly successful projects, and we have initiated a number of new programs.

For companies, the key programs we provide are:

  • ADVANCED PROGRAM IN BUSINESS – leading regional executive education program bringing the world’s best scholars from top business schools: Harvard, Stanford, Bocconi, GATech, London Business School, INSEAD and Wharton for a comprehensive executive education program
  • LEADERSHIP PROGRAM – program intended to expose middle-managers to the recent developments in their fields and industries
  • INTRAPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY – program for development of young talents who were identified by their respective companies as likely leaders of company’s future
  • DATA-DRIVEN DECISION-MAKING COLLOQUIUM – program which presents contemporary knowledge on using data analytics for enhanced decision-making
  • EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – high-quality in-house education program for managers of companies that have their headquarters in CEE region

 For academics, we organize:

  • GLOBAL BUSINESS CONFERENCE – bringing together around 100 scholars annually from around the world to present their research and discuss the approaches to improving the economy and business in the expected future contexts (www.gbcsummer.com; www.gbcwinter.com)

For general public and dissemination of knowledge, we organize:

  • THINKERS’ IMPACT SERIES – allowing interested individuals to hear presentations and participate in discussions with leading regional scientists / managers / entrepreneurs  (www.youtube.com/innovationinstitute)
  • TOP RESEARCHER AWARD – awarding top regional researchers in the field of business with substantial funds that will enable them to conduct high quality research
  • ON-LINE CASE ARCHIVES – on-line database of regional business cases available to students of undergraduate, graduate and MBA programs world-wide
  • PUBLISHING – dissemination of key ideas through journals and books

Besides these, Innovation Institute is a partner for two exceptional global projects:

  • World Internet Project – worldwide research initiative which includes UCLA, Oxford, Bocconi, Tokyo, etc. Project’s aim is to better understand the role of Internet in business and its impact on strategy (www.worldinternetproject.net)
  • Business Information Technology – worldwide research initiative headed by prestigious UCLA with the goal to better understand the role of new technologies in business and their likely developments (www.anderson.ucla.edu/x27545.xml)

You can view Innovation Institute’s activities on www.innovation-institute.eu and YouTube channels www.youtube.com/innovationinstitute and www.youtube.com/APinBusiness.