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Professor Kohli is world’s leading authority on market strategies as his contributions in 1990 elevated marketing from operational activities to their strategic role in the companies, from which ideas of customer centricity have evolved. He is ranked as one of the top cited authors in history of both economics and business, and the inaugural recipient of the most prestigious marketing award for long-term impact on marketing, awarded by American Marketing Association. He has consulted some of the world’s leading companies, such as: 3M, Accenture, Andersen, Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, Eastman Kodak, The Forum Corporation, Halliburton, IBM, Shell, Texas Instruments, and the World Bank. In addition, he worked in the industry as sales and distribution manager, and consultant at the Monitor Group.

Topic: Challenging Market Dogmas for Structured Value-Creation

Lecture focuses on how companies should evolve into customer-centric companies, but so that market knowledge works to the company’s advantage rather than blind the company leading to its demise. Increasingly incumbent companies disappear from markets as they focus “too much” on their customers, thus becoming victim to disruptive innovations that are influencing increasing number of industries. Therefore, the lecture will challenge:

  1. How companies think about customers/consumers?
  2. How companies evolve their customer centric approach to business without setting themselves on the path to failure?
  3. How companies can embark on market creation strategies (especially important for innovative products/services and in case of products/services with low differentiation in the market)?





Professor Carpenter is world’s leading authority on creating market-based competitive advantage. His work on perceptual monopolies has revolutionized the way companies think about markets as he identified that markets only exist in consumer minds (rather than “out there”) therefore devising competitive strategies that compete directly within consumer mind. He is famous for his first mover strategies research and understanding of creation of perceptual market monopolies, having his research cited in cases before the US Supreme Court and used to make competitive rulings in cases of perceptual monopolies. In addition to research and teaching, he is an Academic Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute and he served as member of the Board of Advisors of Terlato Wine Group. He is consultant to many organizations on marketing strategy, including Advanced Micro Devices, Bacardi, Cadbury-Schweppes, Carnival Corporation, Coca-Cola, Cunard Lines, Diageo, Dow Chemical, Federal Reserve Bank, General Electric, Harley-Davidson, International Paper, Microsoft, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Sara Lee, Unilever, and Visa.

Topic: Shaping Perceptual Monopolies as a Value-Creation Strategy

Lecture focuses on understanding (a) strategies that market pioneers can implement to create perceptual monopolies, and (b) strategies that market challengers can implement to have a chance at taking over the market leader’s monopolistic position in consumer minds. As markets exist only in consumer minds, prof. Carpenter will introduce the concept of resurgence which examines how companies can reinvent themselves by embracing a consumer perspective, which is the result of his decade-long research reinvention successes and failures. By understanding the process of building the consumer into company’s value system, and building the company into a consumer’s value system, companies can successfully manage their monopolistic positions in consumers’ minds. Therefore, the lecture will challenge:

  1. How markets evolve in consumers’ minds through competitive and monopolistic market strategies and aggregate to become what we have learned to wrongfully think of as “markets”?
  2. How companies can compete in consumers’ minds if they are market-leaders?
  3. How companies can compete in consumers’ minds if they are market-challengers?





Professor Deighton is world’s leading authority on consumer behavior and founder of digital marketing ideas. His work on digital marketing (which he has been advocating since 1990s) has revolutionized the way compenis do business. His contributions have changed the way companies think about personalization and customization in continuously evolving market conditions, which have evolved into platform solutions. His work has stimulated discussions of big data and how can such data be used to help companies navigate and take an active part in competitive situations. He has been consulting on these topics with numerous companies, among which: Boeing, AT&T, AmEx, Cisco, Kraft, Intel, McKinsey, etc.

Topic: Structured Value-Creation under Platform Markets Conditions

Lecture focuses on the role of platforms which create specific market conditions with continuous equilibria points, which the world has not experienced since the industrial revolution. In such contexts companies have to use big data to predict such temporary equilibria and be able to create market strategies that will deliver the greatest value to the customer, while ensuring companies can extract some of that value as their profits. Such strategies address the challenges of modern markets which are characterized by contradicting trends: (a) markets of one, on both demand and supply side, as well as (b) hypercompetitive platforms markets, which minimize effectiveness of differentiation strategies. Such market conditions provide great opportunities, especially for companies in smaller markets, but they often imply winner-takes-all competitive games. Prof. Deighton will focus on understanding the key principles driving some of the most successful platforms, and numerous market failures and opportunities they created for their competitors and partners. Therefore, the lecture will challenge:

  1. How platforms evolve and how competition evolves in such contexts?
  2. How big-data can be used to company’s advantage (rather than limit their behavior)?
  3. How existing large companies should fight the “digital game” with new agile start-ups that are evolving globally?

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